Technology Google Is Reportedly Working on 3 Successors to Its Pixel Phone

Google Is Reportedly Working on 3 Successors to Its Pixel Phone

Published By News Desk at March 16, 2017 12:13 pm It seems that the search engine company is planning to surprise its users by launching three new smartphone this year

Following the constant surge in competition in the smartphone industry, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the search engine giant, Google, recently confirmed that it is planning to introduce a successor of Pixel and Pixel XL devices, Muskie and Walleye. Now, the company again comes under the spotlight as a new report has suggested that it is working on a third smartphone, Taimen, larger than the previous two.

The company’s recent moves indicate that it has plans to dominate the smartphone industry. Besides, it is not clear at the moment that company’s upcoming smartphones will have similar specs or not, as it is working to introduce the cheaper variant of Pixel.

Interestingly, Google Taimen is another type of smartphone known for its larger size. The company’s main aim behind introducing Taimen is to create traction among the users who prefer to use large size smartphones.

Moreover, the report did not mention as to how big in size Google Taimen will be, but sources confirmed that this device is especially a smartphone. This notion indicates that despite larger than Pixel XL, it will not be some tablet. Also, it is pertinent to note that many speculations suggest that Google Taimen will be a standalone smartphone, which indicates that it will not be part of Google Pixel family