Gaming Destiny’s ‘Age of Triumph’ Will Net You Every Collectible

Destiny’s ‘Age of Triumph’ Will Net You Every Collectible

Published By News Desk at March 16, 2017 10:53 am Bungie released more details on its upcoming final event for Destiny

Bungie has revealed more details on its upcoming final event for Destiny called ‘Age of Triumph,' which is said to let players get everything in the game which they have not received yet. Bungie revealed new ways of acquiring all the items in Destiny, which is by getting hands on a new box called ‘Treasure of Ages.'

By getting the ‘Treasure of Ages’ box, players will be to obtain all the old items including armor, masks, ships, emblems, and ornaments they have missed out on. Not only this, but they will also be able to get their hands on new items, which will be revealed in next week’s stream.

An easier way to get the ‘Treasure of Ages’ box is by visiting Eververse and exchanging it for some Silver Dust. Since there will be no more items coming to Destiny, players can use all their hard-earned Silver Dust now. Just remember that none of these items will be carried over to Destiny 2, but will stay in Destiny 1 as the game is not going anywhere soon. Another easy way of getting the box each week for free is by completing the Weekly Crucible, and another by completing the Siva Crisis Heroic playlist.

The Blue Flame buff is back and will be available for players in the weekly Nightfall missions. This specific buff used to increase the number of experienced players would gain from all activities, making leveling up easy. It seems like Bungie wants players to have fun while also be high leveled enough to take out anyone at the same time.

The third and final stream of Bungie will be hosted on March 22, just a week before the final event releases. The company will reveal every crucial bit of information regarding the ‘Age of Triumph’ event, so be sure not to let it miss. Keep watching this space for more news on Destiny and Destiny 2.