Gaming Pokemon GO: Saint Patrick’s Day Event Not Going To Happen

Pokemon GO: Saint Patrick’s Day Event Not Going To Happen

Published By News Desk at March 16, 2017 10:25 am Guess we have to wait for some other future event

The augmented reality game Pokemon GO has not received any new event for quite some time now. Niantic, the developer behind the game, has also not shed any light on whether we will receive either some new content or event in the coming months. And all these reasons point that we will not be getting any Saint Patrick’s Day event for Pokemon GO either.

Whenever it came to new events in Pokemon GO, Niantic always informed us a few days earlier than their release. The Thanksgiving event was reported by Niantic to start two days before the event was going to take place. The same was done with the Christmas event which was reported by Niantic on December 23 to begin on December 25. The Valentine’s Day event, however, was announced almost a week earlier than its release date.

From all this speculation, we highly doubt that there will be a Saint Patrick’s Day event taking place tomorrow. Although there is still some time left for Niantic to announce it, we would advise people not to get their hopes up. And even if we do get an event for the day, it is only going to be a Pikachu wearing another festive hat in our opinion.

Niantic needs to understand that to keep its game alive, events should play a vital role. We are hardly getting any new features for Pokemon GO, so there is not much a person can do right now except keep on catching the same critters over and over again. We heard from Niantic that gyms were going to get some changes done to them, but we do not know by when. The company needs to make its fans aware of what it plans to do with Pokemon GO in the coming months.

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