Gaming Pokemon GO: Three Important Features We Need ASAP

Pokemon GO: Three Important Features We Need ASAP

Published By News Desk at March 13, 2017 08:49 am The augmented reality game is far from perfect right now

Pokemon GO is one tough game to put down, especially if you are a hardcore fan of the TV series. However, in the mainstream Pokemon games, players were always given the option to do much more than just play the story and capture every critter. Some of these features we would like to mention have not even been integrated into Pokemon GO yet and are a must-have.

The first feature we direly need is the ability to trade Pokemon. You cannot catch every single Pokemon in Pokemon GO without having to traverse into specific regions and areas. The region-specific Pokemon are the perfect reason why we need trading in the game. And even though we heard from Niantic that the game would soon be getting it, the way the feature was described did not seem to be worth it. Niantic said that you could only trade critters with someone close to you who is not in a different region.

The second most wanted feature for the game is the ability to have Pokemon battles with other players. Right now trainers can only battle other Pokemon at the gym to either train them or lower the gym’s prestige. The PvP (player versus player) mechanic is crucial for the game as it will bring a new change for players who have had enough of battling AI-controlled critters.

The last feature is definitely going to be breeding. This particular feature is something that makes players want to invest a good amount of time in so that the Pokemon they get out of breeding are strong enough to take down any other critter. This feature will also give rise to players wanting that shiny Pokemon in their collection and then trading it with the world. This will also result in the competitive level of gaming we are seeing in Pokemon GO right now.