Gaming Bungie's Weekly Reset for Destiny March 14 is Here

Bungie's Weekly Reset for Destiny March 14 is Here

Published By News Desk at March 14, 2017 07:29 am New reset comes to Destiny today

A new week has dawned, and so we have received another weekly reset for Bungie’s Destiny. A new Nightfall Strike is available right now with its different modifiers. Tyra Karn is waiting to give players one of her Iron Lord artifacts, and the factions are also demanding something from players.

In this week’s Nightfall Strike, Sepiks Perfected is taking place, and the modifiers for it are Small Arms, Juggler, Grounded, and Chaff. For players who are unaware of them, Small Arms will increase the damage you do with your primary weapon, Juggler will not let ammo drop for your equipped weapon, Grounded will make players receive more damage if they are in the air, and Chaff will disable your radar. The Heroic playlist modifiers are; Solar Burn, Small Arms and Ironclad, and in this week’s Wrath of the Machine raid challenge; players will need to take on Aksis. 

Tyra Karn will be waiting for players in the Iron Temple. She will give you the Iron Lord artifacts after you have done a particular job for her. She will only give you one Iron Lord’s Legacy per week, so if you need all three of them, then you must have at least three characters. This week you have a choice between:

  • Memory of Felwinter: Players will lose their Super, but gain an additional Grenade along with a Melee charge.
  • Memory of Skorri: Provides an area-of-effect. Allies near you will be able to regenerate their Supers faster.
  • Memory of Perun: You will be able to see which enemies have their Super full, and which enemies are low on health.

The factions in the game are in need of some specific materials from the players this week again. Eris Morn wants Hadium Flakes, the Future War Cult requires Worm Spores, and the Dead Orbit desires Helium Filaments. For more news on Destiny, keep watching this space.