About Us

VoiceObserver is a financial media entity owned by RecurMedia Inc that attempts to bring information surrounding the world of finance, technology and entertainment to the world as a whole. We rely on a network of thousands of traders to source and publish content in a timely and accurate manner. The team at VoiceObserver is extremely diverse and while it concentrates on the financial aspects of companies, it also aims to provide a complete experience to both green investors and market juggernauts alike thanks to its experienced editorial squad and publishing team. The team tries to get the news to our audience in the simplest of terms possible while being as elaborate and thorough as is possible to help our audience get a unique perspective to news and events around the world in addition to in-depth commentary and analysis to boot.

If you wish to contact us regarding advertising on our site, contributing content or have other concerns or queries, you can reach us at: info@voiceobserver.com