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Oracle Corporation (ORCL): Good Against Low Expectations Says BMO

Oracle grew the operating income margin (42.5% vs. 42.4% in the February 2016 quarter), and grew operating income dollars by 3.2% y/y

Oracle Corporation (ORCL): Raising FV, But Won't Likely Be Viewed The Same As Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

MKM thinks MSFT is being rewarded for Azure's unique competitive advantage as one of only three hyperscale clouds, generating net growth in workloads, vs. ORCL's largely fee-oriented growth for existing workloads

User Blog Indicates Oracle Corporation (ORCL) Brings 12cR2 On-Premise

As the blog points out, users can now download 12cR2 for Linux x86-64, Oracle Solaris (SPARC systems, 64-bit), and Oracle Solaris (x86 systems, 64-bit) configurations

Oracle Corporation (ORCL): Turning the Corner on Growth, Margins and Earnings

Two straight Qs where gross profits have grown in absolute dollars (reversing multiple Qs of decline) driven by gross profits from incremental SaaS/PaaS revenues exceeding gross profits lost from license decline

Oracle Corporation (ORCL) Running With the Cloud to Stand Still but Annual EPS Growth Now in Sight

Drexel Hamilton believes Oracle may struggle to match the firm's 3Q:FY17 revenue estimate of $9.32 billion