Tesla Motors, Inc.

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Tesla Motors, Inc.

Tesla Inc (TSLA) Kicksoff Deliveries of Model S and X 100D

The 100D Models have bigger range than all the other Tesla Inc (TSLA) vehicles

Tesla Inc (TSLA) Raises $1.13 Billion To Fund Production of Model 3

The funding will constitute of $250 million of common stock and $750 million of Senior Convertible Notes

Tesla Inc (TSLA) Performance Vehicles Can Only Reach Maximum Output through Launch Model

Cars in no other way can reach the maximum performance output

Tesla Inc (TSLA) Updates its Referral Prizes For the New Period

The new referral time period starts from March 15 and will end on June 15

Lucid Motors “Air” Is Priced Less than Tesla Inc (TSLA) Model S

The base version of Air will be available for $60,000, while Model S costs $68,000